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About Zeal Sourcing

Buying Stuff but Better

We at Zeal Sourcing are zealous at helping organizations to realize how important the suppliers are for their profitability, growth and success.


Our Story

Zeal Sourcing was founded in the middle of global pandemic with two objectives in mind: Help companies to digitalize procurement and procure digitalization. The founders Antti and Teemu got to know each other in the Finnish graduate school for procurement: Nokia indirect sourcing and have been working in the procurement field since. They were (and still are) enthusiastic about procurement and taking the function to next level in Finland and thus have been long time volunteers in the Finnish association of Purchasing and Logistics.

The Zeal Sourcing story started to resonate and we quickly found people who wanted to join the movement to bring professional, modern and digital tools, practices and processes to organizations and take procurement to next level. 

The world has changed as companies and supply chains have spezialiced into their core competences and no company can succeed alone without trusted partners and suppliers. Especially the role of services has taken over the majority of external spending in the companies. Sourcing services has different challenges and requires different competences in selection, contracting, and value measurement of the suppliers. The role of supplier management and development is crucial when procuring complex services with strategic importance. Many service suppliers operate in direct customer interface which makes those suppliers and supplier personnel critical resources for customer satisfaction and brand. If suppliers are seen as source for synergies and savings the strategic importance is often neglected.

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