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Antti Suorsa

Antti is a dad, enthusiastic freeskier. Also an experienced sourcing leader and developer with 15 years of experience in sourcing including director/CPO roles. Antti is located in Singapore

+358 40 504 5332

+65 8786 5228

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Taija Jalova

Taija, a green thumb / avid gardener and finnish rap lover, is an IT-driven business development professional with over 15 years of project management and process development experience in supply chain operations.

+358 46 876 5064

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Sari Ilvonen

Sari is a health trainer and personal development enthusiast – health is wealth.  She has 20 years of experience in different leader roles in strategic sourcing, change management, customer services and service development across the countries.

+358 50 486 8265

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IMG_7088_Sari työkuva.jpg

Teemu Marttinen

Teemu can be found from golf course all around the year. He is a sourcing leader with 20 year experience in sourcing, outsourcing, development, management, IT and sourcing consultancy.

+358 50 482 1115

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Dino Leistenschneider

Football coach Dino is an experienced sourcing executive with long management experience from several industries. Dino is located in Stockholm.

+46 70 237 4364

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Dino Leistenschneider, portrait, 2017.jpg

Atte Grönroos

Future superstar of procurement. Atte is a Masters student of supply chain management from Lappeenranta University.

+358 45 135 2374

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Antti Vassinen

A history buff with a travel bug, Antti is a leading expert in measuring marketing and marketing impact. Antti has a PhD in marketing performance.

+358 40 588 7753

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Oliver Kaivola

Oliver has a passion for fast cars. He is a sourcing professional with more than 5 years of experience from different roles in sourcing with a strong focus in ICT sourcing and sourcing development.

+358 50 351 6666


Satu Koivisto

Satu likes to explore new places, cities, hobbies… and then be steady at the cottage and enjoy nature. She has 20 years of experience from different procurement roles with a focus to development, digitalization and change management.

+358 40 579 8117

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