Antti Suorsa

Antti is a dad, enthusiastic freeskier. Also an experienced sourcing leader and developer with 15 years of experience in sourcing including director/CPO roles.

+358 40 504 5332

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Taija Jalova

Taija, a green thumb / avid gardener and finnish rap lover, is an IT-driven business development professional with over 15 years of project management and process development experience in supply chain operations.

+358 46 876 5064

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Riikka Lehtonen

Riikka loves everything Italy. She is an experienced project leader delivering complex change projects with mastery and ease.

+358 40 846 4313

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Teemu Marttinen

Teemu can be found from golf course all around the year. He is a sourcing leader with 20 year experience in sourcing, outsourcing, development, management, IT and sourcing consultancy.

+358 50 482 1115

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Dino Leistenschneider

Football coach Dino is an experienced sourcing executive with long management experience from several industries. Dino is located in Stockholm.

+46 70 237 4364

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Dino Leistenschneider, portrait, 2017.jpg

Atte Grönroos

Future superstar of procurement. Atte is a Masters student of supply chain management from Lappeenranta University.

+358 45 135 2374

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Antti Vassinen

A history buff with a travel bug, Antti is a leading expert in measuring marketing and marketing impact. Antti has a PhD in marketing performance.

+358 40 588 7753

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Oliver Kaivola

Oliver has a passion for fast cars. He is a sourcing professional with more than 5 years of experience from different roles in sourcing with a strong focus in ICT sourcing and sourcing development.

+358 50 351 6666