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Procurement Taxonomy

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Our work is to improve procurement functions - provide support, resources & tools to buy better.

Some time ago we were searching for an existing tool or template to help us collect procurement development, category management, sourcing and purchasing related questions and process steps in one place. A template which would help us and our customers to confirm that all relevant questions are asked and answered, and ways of working defined and agreed. To be honest, we couldn’t find any comprehensive taxonomy. What to do…?

Of course, we created a new comprehensive Procurement Taxonomy with definitions and questions and would like to give you a chance to utilize the work we spent in creating the chart.


Please allow us to share with you the whole Procurement Taxonomy chart and procurement news and submit below your name and email address, and your interest to our Procurement Taxonomy.

It would be great to receive your feedback and ideas to improve the Procurement Taxonomy and develop it further. Please anytime just drop your email, call or chat!

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